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we’ve been busy filming a lot lately. look out for new material dropping sooner than later! Also, check out our new¬†TUMBLR page. it’s not going to replace this blog, but kept in addition to.

such a fun event. hopefully the next one will be even bigger. had a really good time meeting people from all over the world and getting crunk with some old pals. more photos HERE Massan Tyler Matt Montoya Bails Kozo Backflip Emi Clary!!! Slumworm!!!    

Alex manning the prize table! Our awesome support group! There were like 5 meters to lock to, so almost all of them looked like this! Jason did an impressive job with the raffle Chas and Steve sat this one out to be checkpoint workers. Thanks to them and all our checkpoint workers! Clary with his [...]

Our friend Chelsea has been working with us for the better part of a year, and has helped to portray the aesthetic that is Macaframa today. Her work for us includes the globe icon, the artistic elements of the website, both race flyers and spoke cards for the last two events we have thrown. Chelsea [...]